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Why boredome if it can be funky?

For years, founder Christian Dackus has been wearing FUNKY TRUNKS during his pool and open water workouts. Starting with modest jammers and the enthusiasm for this great brand, Christian eventually fell for the CLASSIC BRIEFS. Some still call it the "speedo", but it really isn't. They are purebred and super fun FUNKY TRUNKS. Here and there a fellow club member got infected and also bought a nice FUNKY TRUNK as a jammer or as a CLASSIC TRUNK. Enthusiasm has meanwhile developed to such an extent that actively following the expenditure of new prints made the choice to buy and sell this nice brand yourself a logical next step.

Together with the employees of dackus.it B.V., Iris, Jordan and Sammie, we started this adventure.

We are happy to offer the widest possible range of FUNKITAs and FUNKY TRUNKS. We are always willing to provide help. Especially when choosing the right model and finding the right size. In terms of fit, you cannot find better bathing suits, bikinis or swimming trunks. The shape and dimensions are very consistent, every drop you can count on identical fit sizes. That creates familiarity and offers certainty. But in the meantime you look super cool with every new purchase. Especially the first time you go swimming.

They will notice you, no doubt about it.

Welcome to our webshop, surf, compare and buy!

If you have any questions, please email info@swimhunky.nl us, or call us on +31 (0)43 3510011